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Making Reasonable Accommodation Requests

If you are living with a disability and seeking to rent an apartment, it may be necessary to request that the property owner make needed modifications that will allow you to successfully navigate your living environment. This is known as a request for reasonable accommodation and consideration of such requests is a legal requirement established…

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How to Deal with a Bad Neighbor

No matter if you are renting or buying, nobody likes to deal with a bad neighbor. Whether they are blasting loud music late at night or waking up your children, there are things that a neighbor shouldn’t do. However, at some point in life, you may find yourself stuck with a problematic neighbor, and if…

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The Ultimate Renter’s Guide to Getting Along With Neighbors

The Ultimate Renter's Guide to Getting Along With Neighbors Getting along with neighbors is one of the biggest concerns of living in an apartment complex. Whether you're outgoing or introverted, these basic guidelines will help you address most situations. Be a Friendly Neighbor A neighbor is slightly more than an acquaintance and slightly less than…

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