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5 Money Questions to Ask the Landlord Before You Rent An Apartment

When you're planning a move, there seems to be an endless checklist of "to-do" items and searching for an apartment can get overwhelming. It's easy to forget or overlook some of the simplest but most important things! Making sure you have the finer details of your finances in order when it comes to your new…

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Furniture Arrangement Ideas for a Small Living Room

Furniture Arrangement Ideas for a Small Living Room It can be challenging to decorate a small living room space adequately. The goal is to create a dedicated area that's airy, yet cozy and inviting, and that doesn't feel too "busy" or confined. Below are some furniture arrangement ideas and recommendations that will help maximize space…

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What You Should Know When Transferring Apartments in the Same Building

After living in the same apartment for years, it’s only natural that you want a change of scenery. You don’t have to go through the hassle of researching other apartment buildings to find a new place. If you’re satisfied with the building and neighborhood you reside in, switching to another apartment is just what you…

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Making Reasonable Accommodation Requests

If you are living with a disability and seeking to rent an apartment, it may be necessary to request that the property owner make needed modifications that will allow you to successfully navigate your living environment. This is known as a request for reasonable accommodation and consideration of such requests is a legal requirement established…

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