Where to Store a Bike In Your Apartment

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Using a bike for transportation is becoming an increasingly popular way to get around. Bike riding provides exercise and is an environmentally friendly means of traveling from place to place.


With so many bikes on the road these days, riders are looking for ways to store them. Those who live in apartment complexes tend to have difficulty finding a safe, appropriate, and acceptable place to keep their bikes


Things to consider


If you’re a bike rider that lives in an apartment complex, you’ve come across the basic problem of storage.


There are a handful of things to consider that will determine the best places in your apartment to store your bike, such as the layout, the size, how many bikes you are trying to store, and if your apartment has any rules regarding bike storage.


Bike Racks and Stands


Using bike racks or stands in an apartment complex is not unheard of and there are actually a number of ways to make them work.


  • Bike Stand


Bike stands can be a great option if you have one or more bikes to store in your apartment. The stand simply leans against the wall and can hold between one and four bikes, making it perfect for family bikes or roommates.


The downside is that, due to the fact that the stand literally sits on the ground and leans against the wall, you’re going to need a lot of empty floor and wall space to use it. Your best bet with a bike stand is going to be finding a large, bare wall near the door.


If your apartment layout doesn’t have what you need to easily use a stand, you’ll probably want to look for a different option.


  • Bike Column


A bike column works well for one to two bikes and doesn’t need to be drilled or screwed in, making it a good option for those who might want to change things up.


The bike column simply extends to lock in place from the floor to the ceiling, with support arms on the column to hold your bike. It’s a fairly easy set-up that allows you the freedom to move the column to a different area whenever you want.


  • Wall Hanger


Many apartment dwellers appreciate wall hangers and how they keep the often already minimal floor space of the apartment, clear. With a wall hanger, your bike will hang from the top tube, with arms that adjust to open up space between the wall and bike. Drilling is required for installation of a wall hanger, so make sure to check on the rules of your apartment complex before going this route.


  • Wall Bike Rack


A wall bike rack is a space-saving option that is a mix between a wall hanger and a bike stand. You will drill the rack into the wall and then store the bikes on the rack by the wheels.


Some people use their wall-hung bikes as part of their apartment aesthetic. In true millennial fashion, you can really make the bike work for you.


  • Apartment Rooms for Bike Storage


Depending on the size and layout of your apartment, it might just be the best idea to use some sort of room or area of your apartment to keep your bike.


  • Porch


Some apartments come with a porch or balcony, which provides an excellent storage option. Keeping your bike on the porch really frees up space inside, so many apartment dwellers like to use these areas.


If you decide to store your bike on the porch, consider keeping it covered in order to protect it from the elements. Unless your apartment is on an upper level, you will want to get a bike lock in order to prevent theft.


Other things to consider when storing your bike on the porch are ensuring that the bike is not blocking the door, and also checking your apartment complex’s rules to make sure they allow bike storage there.



  • Coat Closet


Not everyone will appreciate the option to store their bike in the coat closet, because, frankly, they want that storage space. However, the coat closet does offer a couple of great benefits that you may want to consider.


  1. The coat closet is near the door allowing simple access for getting and putting away your bike.
  2. Keeping it in the coat closet means that it’s out of sight. You don’t need to worry about having a bike in the middle of your apartment, hanging on the wall, or taking up other valuable space.


  • Laundry Room


If you have a laundry room in your apartment, it could provide the perfect location for your bike. Kept away from the heart of your home, this private area allows you to store your bike on the floor or even on the wall with a wall rack or hanger.


  • Garage


Most people who live in apartment complexes aren’t lucky enough to have a garage, but there are some who do. Obviously, if you have one, that’s going to trump every other suggestion and be the best place to store your bike. Honestly, don’t even think about keeping your bike in your apartment if you have a garage.


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