The 5 Apartment Maintenance Tips Pet Owners Need.

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Our pets. While we love them dearly, the truth is that maintaining areas that pets are kept in can
sometimes be a little challenging when it comes to keeping them fresh-smelling and clean. This
is particularly difficult in the case of apartment maintenance, since they are often small in size,
and if there is no yard, the pets are usually kept inside the bulk of the time.

The good news is that with these tips below you can keep your apartment free of any odors,
while still enjoying your beloved four-legged friends.

Five tips for apartment living pet owners:

1. Keep things clean. The overall condition of your residence should not scream pet (even
if there is pet paraphernalia lying about). This means that it should smell good, and there
shouldn’t be pet tracks or pet hair all about.

2. Treat for ticks and fleas. Even if your pet rarely goes outside for long lengths of time,
make sure that you treat them every summer for fleas. It’s much easier to simply treat for
fleas than to wait until you have an infestation and then have to take care of it within the

3. Use the groomer. With dogs-especially large or furry ones-a good way to cut down on
the pet hair is to take them regularly to the groomers. Not only will pup stay looking
good, but your apartment will be much cleaner. If you can’t afford a groomer, take your
pet outside and give them a good brushing once a week.

4. Invest in a vacuum. If you have a cat or a dog, no matter the size, they will be shedding
pet hair. Even with daily sweeping and grooming, you are going to want to invest in a
good vacuum cleaner and use it at least once a week to thoroughly pick up any hair your
pet has shed.

5. Tend to the litter box. It is essential that you keep the litter box clean at all times, since
if it starts to fill up your cat will find another place to use the bathroom. Clean the box
once a day, if necessary, and clean it thoroughly out (empty litter and wash) once a
week. Make sure that you sweep up and vacuum any litter that falls out of the box when

Pet owning is rewarding and enjoyable, yet it is also a lot of work. When it comes to living in an
apartment, it merely means that you may have to be a little more aware of keeping things tidy.
With these tips, you shouldn’t have any worries, though. Your apartment will stay as well-
maintained as the day that you moved in.

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